AntMe! 2.0

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Learn programming - playfully and effortlessly with the ants of AntMe!

AntMe! is an exciting game that enables you to playfully and effortlessly learn the essentials of object oriented programming. You command your colony of ants using real, professional program code and thus help your ants to master many thrilling challenges: Collecting sugar and apples, defend your ant hive or how to outnumber the ants’ natural enemies - the bugs! Because you are using a real programming language the whole time, you can easily transfer your learnings onto your own programs. (Currently you can chose between programming in C# and Visual Basic)


Serious Gaming - Learning through Gaming

With its more than 2.5 million downloads (German language version) AntMe! is by far one of the world’s moste successful serious games worldwide. The underlying pedagogical and methodical theories are thorougly researched and scientifically proven. The arising motivation arising from playing the game fosters quick and easy learning and guarantees great results combining an exceptionally high learning curve. This profound theoretical and scientific foundation convinced many leading educational institutions all over the world to teach learners of different ages and educational backgrounds the basics of object oriented programming using AntMe!


AntMe! 2.0 - more features, more fun, learn more content even faster!

AntMe! 2.0 will bring you many new features:

  • new programming languages and programming paradigms
  • different Levels and a campaign mode for your ants
  • AntMe! Online - compete online against ant colonies from all around the world
  • AtntMe! Forum - a worldwide community all around AntMe!
  • new teaching and learning materials (videos, tutorials, etc.) and special courseware for teachers and other educational professionals

We need your help: Support our crowdfunding campaign and enable us to finish AntMe! 2.0 - without your help we will not be able to fund the developmANT and realization of AntMe! 2.0.